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Top Five Food Experiences on the Carnival Breeze

Top 5 Food Experiences on Carnival #carnivalcruises #cruise #acrossthemaps

Cruises are one of the most popular family vacations, and with good reason. They’re all inclusive, fun and a great way to relax.

This January, my family and I hit the high seas onboard the Carnival Breeze. We sailed the Eastern Caribbean route, leaving from Galveston, Texas. Although we loved the ports and the excursions we did, a large part of why we cruise is for the ship. There’s something very relaxing about being on a ship with nothing you have to do. There’s still plenty of activities to do if you so desire, but nothing pressing. And I love that!

Like all cruises, there was a lot of food aboard the Carnival Breeze. From speciality restaurants with a surcharge, to a large buffet, to the Indian food station, everyone can find something they love. I found lots. Here are my top five food experiences on the Carnival Breeze:

Sea Day Brunch

Steak and Eggs on the Carnival Breeze

Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial, maybe it’s because I’m a foodie, but for whatever reason, I live for brunch. Sea Day Brunch was, without a doubt, one of my favorite meals I had on the cruise. As the name suggests, it’s only offered on sea days, and I made sure to go.

From lunch meals like macaroni and cheese, to breakfast classics such as eggs Benedict and steak and eggs, Sea Day Brunch as the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch. There’s sweet, there’s savory, there’s everything you could possibly want.

To begin, the wait staff offered a variety of pastries to everyone. As it takes place in a formal dining room, your order is taken by the waitstaff. As a breakfast food lover, I ordered the eggs benedict one day and the steak and eggs the other. Both were delicious, but I have to give the steak and eggs the win. They come with a delightful bearnaise sauce that I absolutely loved. To finish it off, I ordered fresh fruit as well, which I found to be the perfect side for an otherwise heavy meal.

I suggest waking up and heading to the Sea Day Brunch to enjoy yourself! After all, what else are you going to do?

Pasta Bar

Pasta Bar at Cucina Del Capitano on Carnival Breeze #carnivalbreeze #carnival

This was our first meal on the cruise and it set the set the tone for the voyage! After embarking, we immediately made our way to the ship’s Italian restaurant, Cucina Del Capitano.

Although the elevators direct passengers to the lunch buffet (and most passengers head straight there), we climbed the stairs to Deck 11, and headed to the aft of the ship, where Cucina del Capitano is located. As we were fortunate enough to board early, we found the restaurant nearly empty, and the hostess seated us straight away. We filled out our orders on sheets handed out by the waitstaff. We each chose from several sauces, three types of pasta, several meats and extras to pick from, so it was truly a customized meal.

Each order was different; my sister got her Farfalle with Alfredo and spinach, while I opted for the Farfalle with Pomodoro, spinach and onions.We loved the Alfredo sauce! The bread was pretty good, as well.

When we went later in the cruise, on a sea day, it was quite crowded and we experienced a wait. Although we put our names down and opted to get ours to go, it was still nice to experience the full meal in the restaurant.

My advice? If you’re fortunate enough to board early, head straight to Cucina Del Captiano for a yummy lunch and avoid the buffet crowds!

Chocolate Extravaganza

Chocolate Extravaganza on the Carnival Breeze

I like chocolate. I like extravaganzas. A chocolate extravaganza? Count me in. This event happened on the last day of the cruise, in the buffet area. The blinds over the food area were closed, and the signs were changed to chocolate extravaganza. Since we had  been playing cards in the buffet area, we had a seat right by the chocolate extravaganza and we were some of the first to jump in line.

Besides the classics, like puddings, brownies and several types of chocolate cake, there were a variety of other options available, such as dessert wontons.

Chocolate Extravaganza Selection on Carnival Breeze #carnivalbreeze #carnival #cruise

And for those who aren’t huge chocolate fans, no worries. There’s also fruit available, and the buffet offers other desserts during normal hours. 

Dr. Seuss Brunch

Cat in the Hat Ice Carving on Carnival's Dr Seuss Brunch #carnivalbreeze #acrossthemaps #carnivalcruises

As you may have guessed from above, I love brunch. The Dr. Seuss brunch was a different type of brunch. It’s fun. It’s silly. It’s not something I would normally do, but for the $5 a head surcharge, it was worth it. Fun the from start, there’s a parade of characters throughout the brunch. Since it’s a smaller event, you have the opportunity to take pictures with as many of the characters as you wish.

When we messed up on our time and nearly missed our brunch (whoops), the staff was kind enough to give us a quick ring to our stateroom and let us know. We hurried in, found our seats, and the festivities began.

Green Eggs and Ham - Dr Seuss Brunch on Carnival Cruises #carnival #cruise
Green Eggs and Ham, which were definitely more delicious than they look!

The menu isn’t much different than the normal Sea Day Brunch menu, although it wasn’t as vast. Also on the menu? Green eggs and ham, of course.

The staff was also phenomenal; from the waitstaff who seemed to be specially chosen for their enthusiasm to the member of the activities team who was running it, it was definitely a worthwhile experience. If you’re looking for a fun, special activity, then pay the $5 and go see the Cat in the Hat and all his friends!

Baked Alaska Parade

Baked Alaska on the Carnival Breeze #carnival #cruise

There’s something special about flaming ice cream cakes being paraded around the dining room. It’s just not something I see everyday.

Naturally, I chose the baked Alaska as my dessert for that night, as did most members of my family. Although I’ll admit that the baked Alaska wasn’t the most delicious dessert I had on the cruise (that title goes to the bitter and blanc bread pudding), seeing waiters with a literal flaming dessert was certainly a top food experience for me.

If you have anytime dining, be sure to ask a waiter or hostess ahead of time what time the parade will be held (there are generally two) so you can make sure you’re in the dining room when it’s going on. It’s a special way to end the cruise, and even if you opt for a different dessert, the parade is worth it!

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