The Beginning aka Why I’m Here

It only took me two months of working in finance to realize it probably wasn’t for me. What I really wanted to do was something that involved my economics degree. Of course, in order to work as an “economist” you need more than just a bachelor’s degree. So I hunkered down and started studying and took the GRE.

And then I took it again. I studied again in between, of course, but I took it again and transferred two points from my verbal score to my quantitative score.

Also, I started looking around and trying to find a grad programs. As someone who has always, always loved to travel, I saw this as an opportunity to get out and see the world. I looked overseas a lot. I also looked on the east coast, where I had always wanted to live. And then, I started applying. I only ended up applying to schools in Europe, because well, between the tuition difference and my desire to live in Europe and the programs offered, that’s just what worked out for me.

Next, I waited. I was actually on a family vacation when I got the email that I had been waiting for – dreading, some might say – that my application status for my dream program in Ireland had changed. I have always been a huge believer in gut feelings, and my gut feeling for this was bad. I knew it was a competitive program and I was convinced that I would be rejected.

So using the super slow data that my provider has in Honduras, I managed to lock myself out of my account. For an hour. Then, after an excruciating hour where I was meant to be enjoying myself on the pristine beaches (I was trying, I really was, but it was hard), I prepared myself for the worst and reset my password. That’s when I read the letter: I had been accepted!

My vacation hadn’t been ruined, it had been made! And there was no better way to celebrate than with champagne while sailing through the Caribbean.

But as reality set in, I began to think of the logistics of moving to Ireland. I have a cat and a job and a life here in the States. You don’t get paid to go to grad school, at least not my program. But I also really wanted to go. It was by far the program I had been the most interested in. And while I had a job, I didn’t like it. So I hit the little accept button and this fall, I’ll be off to Dublin.

I’m terrified, but also so, so, so excited. I haven’t worked out all the logistics yet, but that’s why I’m starting this blog, so that as I work through them, I can keep track of my progress. I also haven’t quit my job yet. But I’m going to do to this. I’m going to move to Ireland and I am bringing my cat with me.

So this is why I’m here. This will be my journey, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

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